The things we do, and the way we do them, stem from the history and values of our family. These can be found not only in our wines, but also in the way we welcome our guests.

Livia Basla e Anna LisaTempestini • Fattoria Resta

Livia and Anna Lisa

I nurture a deep devotion to wine and, as a producer, I also have a great responsibility. I encourage visits, because I would like the people who come to visit us here to taste our wines to associate that bottle to a particular experience lived in a historic place – my home, a monastery from the 16th century.
As the inscription in the wine cellar testifies to, wines were already being produced here in 1573. Continuing that tradition, and doing our best to respect the earth and what she produces, is like a mission for me.
I aim for the best possible quality, and I feel lucky to be able to attempt this here in our region, where the vineyard is already blessed, thanks to its micro-climate.
I follow every phase of production, including sales, personally, and I use this opportunity to express my philosophy and the soul and the history of this territory, which are entwined with the vines that are grown here.
When I receive a message from someone who has enjoyed my wine at a dinner with family or friends, I feel deep satisfaction for the work I have done. Wine must facilitate joyful moments, and it should also be shared. Livia, the oldest of my three children, has recently begun working with us. This is indeed a wonderful thing as it guarantees continuity in the devotion that has united my own, and my husband’s, work.

Where we are

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