1573: master builder Martin del Nero chisels his name into a column of the monastery’s wine cellar, where he had just completed construction. We are in Buonconvento, at the gates of the Orcia valley, in sight of Montalcino’s hilltop. This 400-year-old convent is my home and my winery.

Anna Lisa C. Tempestini

I immediately fell in love with Martin del Nero, and I gave my wine his name.

Resta is a jewel, a small-scale farm cared for with passion. Such passion necessitates rigor, and in our vine-yard the criteria for selection are severe. Every task is done by hand, from pruning up to the harvest, result-ing in limited quantities and the best quality.
My wine is fundamentally tied to the territory where it is made and the people who care for it along the way. We aim to maintain intact the distinctive character and rich enveloping structure of Sangiovese.
The vineyard is laid out over 1.6 acres under the careful attention and guidance of Paolo Caciorgna, whose know-how is nothing short of extraordinary. The limited size of the vineyard means that I know and care for every row, every plant, every bunch – and I experience daily the privilege and the pleasure of producing a wine that will be enjoyed by a select few glasses.
This is our noble Sangiovese: Martin del Nero


The land that is home to Resta’s vineyards has been dedicated to the production of quality wines for centu-ries. An inscription from the monastery’s wine cellar in 1573 bears witness, citing the “bono vino,” or good wine made in this very place.
In our corner of Buonconvento we grow Sangiovese for Martin del Nero, Orcia D.O.C. Our second vine-yard, located in Montalcino, is adjacent to the Montosoli hill (considered by Wine Spectator to be one of the 5 most acclaimed cru in Italy). This is where the Sangiovese for our Rosso di Montalcino D.O.C. and Guas-parino I.G.T. are grown.
When we bought Fattoria di Resta, we decided to dig our roots deep into this place and began planting olive trees and grape vines, which now an integral part of our lives today.
The terroir, the exposure, the climactic conditions, our hard work: these are all fundamental in creating a high quality product, but the vines also have need of love and attention to create poetry in the final product.

Where we  are

FATTORIA RESTAlatitude 43.1354 (43°7’6″N) • longitude 11.48334 (11°30’0”E) • tel. [ + 39 ]  0577 806589