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I just came back from our important annual wine fair in Verona, Vinitaly. Martino went very well, am so proud. There are new openings for markets: Austria, Germany, Canada and Switzerland. Now I have to send them samples, and wait for orders. Am referring to the 2008 vintage, that will be ready in a couple of weeks. The 2007 is completely sold out. Still can’t figure it out how this happened. 4.000 bottles, gone.
Winebow INC. ordered more bottles, I will post soon the restaurants in the US that keep it.
Am posting a picture of the new baby vine growing, every day a little bit.
And one of the new presence in my cellar, a slavonian oak barrell. I don’t use it for aging the wine, but I wanted to recuperate it from a winery that was going to throw it away. It looks very charming!
And one with Leonardo Locascio, President of Winebow.
Am starting to have some tastings here, am getting busy with planting flowers in the courtyard’s pots, and tomorrow will decide on some t-shirts with Martino’s name on. Why not?
A presto!
Anna Lisa

Monday, April 12, 2010